When School Calls 


As yesterday’s post, March Madness, focused on school, I have decided to stick with that theme for a while.  One of the biggest challenges working moms often face is how to balance the demands and expectations of work when school (or daycare) calls.  They can call at anytime and for various reasons:

● Junior is sick. Can you come pick him up? –  Really?!?  He was fine this morning when I sent him to school.  

● Missy is in the school play.  It starts at 4pm.  – Shucks!  Don’t they realize I have a job and don’t get off until 5pm (at the earliest).

● It’s school conference time.  The only  time slot left is 10am. – You gotta be kidding me!

● Kid Flash hurt himself on the playground during recess.  The school nurse says he should go to the urgent care…now. – Is it really that bad?  I get off in 2 hours.  

● Baby Girl had an accident and we don’t have a change of clothes for her.  Can you come pick her up? – Can YOU go find her something out of the Lost & Found that’ll hold her until I can pick her up after work?

● Your son/daughter has gotten in trouble and has to be picked up to avoid further action. – This is a call I better never get!  

Those are just a few examples of dilemmas we face as working moms trying to juggle work and school (daycare).  And, isn’t it funny how Daddy NEVER (I mean RARELY,  my husband says I use absolutes too often – ALL THE TIME) gets called first?  Or maybe it’s just you and there’s no one else to call.  Then the question becomes, “How do I tell my boss I need to leave?”  Will he/she understand?  Will my commitment to the job come into question?   Will I be overlooked for that promotion because my family comes first?  These are all legitimate questions.   Even if you have a flexible job, one can only be excused so many times before it becomes a problem.  

How do you handle it when school or daycare calls?  

Until next time-

You and these people who come to you will only wear yourselves out. The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone. (Exodus 18:18 NIV)

God’s best-



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