career change

Don’t Fear the Career Change

Mommywurk has been doing a series on career advice from our very own recruiting expert, Alexis. Alexis is a full time recruiter and moonlights as a blogger for Mommywurk by night. Her advice is spot on and has received kudos on Linkedin and Twitter. Read her latest career post entitled The Offer here.

As a working mom, however, sometimes the idea of change literally drains the life out of you. Even if you should switch jobs you have managed to figure out how to make this job work in your life. The idea of reworking your whole life just makes your head spin. You would need to change your schedule and your commute route. You may have to get the kids up earlier or put them to bed later. Making dinner might be harder. The list goes on and on. So, you stay. You stay because it is easy. You stay because it is close to the children’s day care. You stay because you don’t want to have to travel or commute a long way. The Harvard Business Review states that academics and career counselors believe that people stay out of basic human motives of fearing change, lacking readiness, unwilling to make sacrifices, or sabotaging themselves. The author also believes people fail because they go about it all wrong. To read more about how to make the career switch click here.

Are these good reasons? No! In 2013 Forbes posted an article called 14 Signs It’s Time to Change Jobs. Some of them included lack of passion, stagnant pay, not being challenged, and your company sinking. For Forbes’ full list click here.

Change is the only constant in life. H has to learn this lesson the hard way. Read Life Isn’t Fair to see how a toddler deals with change.  Don’t be afraid of being amazing or living an excellent life because you fear the unknown. Go ahead, shake life up a bit. As long as your family is taken care of and safe it will be a wonderful adventure and you just might show your kids a thing or two about taking life by the horns.

Peace, Love and Taking Chances,



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