The Offer

You are hired

Your interview went well and you expect to receive a call any day now.  One thing that has been consistent for any job offer that I have ever received is that when a company wants you, they make the offer very quickly.  Most of my job offers have come within a few hours of the face-to-face interview; a few days at most.  If it has been a week or more, chances are you did not get the job , but, no worries.  Sometimes, not getting a job you think you want can be a blessing.

Once you receive the job offer there are many things to consider.  A job offer doesn’t only involve a salary or compensation.  You must also consider:

  • Benefits – Do they include medical, dental and vision?  Is there a 401k or retirement plan?  Does the company offer life and/or accidental death insurance?  If so, at what additional cost to you?
  • Vacation/Company Holidays – How much vacation does the company offer?   When are you eligible to start accruing vacation – immediately or 60-90 days after you start?  Can you purchase additional vacation or cash in unused vacation?  Does unused vacation roll over to the next year?  How many company holidays are there?
  • Work schedule/arrangement – Are you expected to work from 9am to 5pm?  Is a flex schedule an option?  Will you work in an office or can you telecommute?
  • Other perks – Does the company provide free lunch?  Is there an onsite fitness facility?  Do they offer dry cleaning pick up/drop off services?   Will you have access to company discounts for products and services? Will you receive an expense account? Do they have onsite childcare?
If you decide to move forward with the opportunity, you do not have to accept the offer as is.  You can negotiate…and you should.  From a salary standpoint all jobs come with a salary range budget.  Most likely, the hiring manager will offer you a salary somewhere between the low end and midpoint of that budget.  The top end of the salary range is reserved for top-notch candidates or for positions that need to be filled immediately.  It is important to note that salaries are not the only area of the offer than can be negotiated.  You can also negotiate vacation time, your work schedule/arrangement and expenses, among other things.  Check out these “15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer” from the Harvard Business Review.Woman_negotiating
Remember, the ball is in your court.  You can either accept the job or not.  However, whatever decision you make, be sure you (and your family) can live with it.  Stay tuned for more in our Career series where I explore how to create your dream job.
Until next time-
“If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.” (James 1:5 NIV)
God’s best-

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