Prayers for Xander

My husband and I have been seeing red ribbons in and around a neighborhood we live near. We couldn’t figure out what was going on. Why all the red ribbons we asked each other? Then a sign appeared that said Prayers for Xander. “Oh no, I thought. I wondered what happened.” That is when my mother texted me a link to WBTV’s Molly Grantham’s Facebook page. She wrote about Xander Kuchinsk. He is a second grader who lives in Cameron Woods. He found out in February that he had a brain tumor. Although most of it was removed during surgery some of it is still embedded in his brain stem and cancer was detected in Xander’s spinal fluid. This type of cancer is particularly aggressive and very high risk. He has just started radiation. Red is his favorite color and all of the ribbons are his neighbors’ way of supporting him.

His story just sticks to me. It makes my eyes water and my heart hurt. I cannot fathom. I cannot begin to understand. Perhaps it is being a parent. Perhaps it is having boys. Maybe even it is the proximity of his home to ours. My prayers, sympathy, and thoughts go out to Xander and the Kuchinsk family every day. I cannot imagine what they are going through and even though I don’t know them I want them to know that so many people in Charlotte are praying for them and wishing for good news for Xander.

H and I talked about all of the red ribbons and balloons as we pass Cameron Woods yesterday.Red Ribbons for Xander He always squeals delightedly, “Balloons!” whenever we pass houses or car dealerships that have them out. I explained that all the red ribbons and balloons are for a little boy who is very sick and that I had gotten some red ribbon for us to put on our mailbox to support him and help make him smile. I don’t know that H understood, but we decorated the mailbox with Baby C2 anyway.

Peace, Love and Health for Xander,



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