What’s In Your Purse Wednesdays – 3.10.15

As a mom you find all kinds of crazy things in your purse. Things you stuck there to take in the house. Things you had to take away from the kids. Things you put in there to entertain, feed, or clothe the kids. The list goes on and on. In honor of the Mary Poppins bags all moms seem to carry we are starting What’s in Your Purse Wednesdays. We’ll post the interesting items we find in our purses and we encourage you to do the same. Let’s have some fun with it.

Here is what was in my purse this morning: a book I am reading for work, a hat for Baby C2, an EPI pen, construction paper, the start of a craft for H’s birthday party and a box of apples.


Peace, Love and Cluttered Purses,



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