What to Do When Your Plan is Derailed

In January I started training with a friend for the Color Run. It is a 5K in May so I have lots of time to get ready for it. I trained for 4.5 weeks before “the derailment.” The training occurred despite sleepless nights, crazy work schedules and baby sick issues. I was so proud I had kept it up!

Then the train jumped the tracks and collided with life. It started with exhaustion. Baby C2 was on month two of a horrible ear infection that would eventually lead to tubes. He had gone from sleeping through the night to getting up twice a night. I could feel myself hitting the proverbial wall. Then everyone came down with the winter crud. Our house was a sick bay for almost a month as we took turns passing it back and forth. Finally, H needed more mommy time. He started having trouble with us going to work during the day and wanted to be rocked again at night. This meant sometimes he didn’t go to bed until 8:30 or 9:00 PM. 7:30 PM is their normal bedtime. Have you tried going running at 9:00 PM? It is possible, but it totally derails your sleep patterns. I was exhausted, at my wits end and felt pulled in a gazillion directions. 

So I took a 3 week hiatus. I finally stopped feeling guilt and decided to get through Baby C2’s surgery, make sure everyone was well, and finish H’s birthday before I recommitted to my goal. 

It is about the journey not the destination and I hope to start back this week training. As long as I get back on the horse, and ultimately make it to the finish line in May, then the rest of it is semantics.

Here is to embracing derailment and bouncing back!

Peace, Love and Enjoying the Journey



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