The 4 B’s of Bedtime

go to bedEvery family has their own bedtime routine. We follow what is popularly known as the 4 B’s: bath, brush, books, bed. This method works beautifully and I only slightly modify it for my infant by adding the 5th B, breast or bottle. It also means that both boys have a similar routine and go to bed around the same time most nights. I call that a parenting score!

Here is our typical evening routine.

6:00 PM – Dinner

6:30 PM – H plays, Baby C2 gets a bath (I can’t wait until they can start taking baths together)

6:45 PM – Baby C2 nurses, H Bath

7:00 PM – H brushes teeth and gets on PJs

7:15 PM – Read books with both boys (Unless Baby C2 is already asleep) We are starting to incorporate some bedtime prayers into  this step too. 🙂

7:30 PM  – Bed

Occasionally, one of the kids needs more cuddle time and then Andy and I are both happy to oblige. H also uses this as an opportunity to not go to bed. “Mommy, I need water. Mommy, I need milk. Mommy, I have to go potty. Mommy, I need insert random item.” That is when we give him a choice, settle down and I will cuddle with you or to the crib you must go. Most of the time though H or Baby C2 just need a little lullaby. My favorite to sing is Godspeed by the Dixie Chicks. Watch out it will make you cry!

Our next bedtime adventure will be transitioning H to a toddler bed and stopping Baby C2s nighttime feeding. Stay tuned…

What are your bedtime routines? Do you have something specific that works well for your family? Share your stories in the comments. We love to read them!

Peace, Love and Bedtime


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