Our Favorite Children’s Books

As a working outside the home mom (WOTHM) I don’t always feel that I get to create and participate in as many developmentally appropriate activities with my children as I would like. There isn’t much time during the week. Sometimes it happens on the weekends, but it isn’t consistent with travel plans and family events. What is a mom to do?

First, I made sure that we chose a school with an excellent curriculum. I read through their activities for each day and reinforce them by discussing them on the car ride home, at dinner, during the bath, etc… This provides me insight into what excites the kids and what they remember most about their learning through play.

Second, we read books. Lots of books. There are so many positives to reading to your kids. Reading helps develop many cognitive functions including: logical thinking skills, mastery of language, better communication skills, academic excellence, and enhanced concentration.

There are also a plethora of children’s books. To help navigate the many, many choices I compiled a graphical list of our favorite books.

What books are your family favorites? I can’t wait to try reading one of your faves to H and Baby C2.

Peace, Love and Reading,


Our Top Favorite Books – Right Now 

  1. wherever you are my love will find youNancy Tillman’s, Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You is a sweet, loving book that is a family cuddle favorite.
  2. On the night you were bornWe are big fans of Nancy Tillman. On the Night You Were Born is a special book that we gave to H as part of his big brother present. It was the perfect book to explain how important both of them are to Andy and me.
  3. Guess how much I love youGuess How Much I Love You is a classic! This book was one of the first books I ever read to H and we read it every day for nap time during my maternity leave.
  4. pat the bunnyPat the Bunny is another classic. This quirky little book is one we read to Baby C2 all the time. I love that it has little activities that help him interact with the book. noisy_jungle
  5. The Noisy Jungle is a fun and loud favorite. Be careful with this one around nap time, but your baby will enjoy touching the animals fur and hearing the animal sounds as you press them. This was H’s favorite book for a long time and we even did a birthday party with this theme.
  6. ThankYouGodForDaddyThanks God for Mommy & Thank God For Daddy are books we have just started adding to our bedtime reading. We are using them to help teach the boys about bedtime prayers. Baby C2 was given them for his baptism and they are the perfect primers to discuss thanking God.
  7. The Hungry Caterpillar is another classic that helps the boys learn HungryCaterpillartheir numbers and counting skills. We use hand play while we read the book to ensure comprehension and understanding.
  8. Goodnight-Construction-Site-HC-1-600 Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site is one of the first longer books H would pay attention to. He is enthralled with the trucks and is learning to say all of their complicated truck  names.
  9. Noah’s Ark is a book H was giving for his baptism. It is a fun Noah's Arkbook about the flood story. The foam pages have cut outs which allow little hands to pull out pieces of the book, play them them and then put them back together like a simple puzzle.
  10. the napping houseThe Napping House is a great book to read before nap time. It is silly and the repetition is great for little minds.
  11. Good Night Moon is one of our favorite bedtime stories. Andy read this a logood night moont growing up and every time we say the word mush we add “Eww, gross, disgusting,” just like Andy did as a little boy.
  12. Little Blue TruckLittle Blue Truck is one of our new favorites. Our copy is already showing wear. I appreciate the point of the story. It is about being nice and making friends with everyone and H and Baby C2 love the animals and truck noises. ROOOOOMMMMM.



2 thoughts on “Our Favorite Children’s Books

  1. daphnecybele says:

    These are great. I would add The Fox’s Garden by Princess Camcam, another favorite of ours. Like you, I also work outside the home, and we make time for story time each day.


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