Face-To-Face Through Technology

Traveling for work with two small children is not easy. Mommy is the caregiver. Mommy is the kisser of boo boos and the cuddler. Andy is an amazing father, but babies and young children just need their mother. This makes travel extra hard on the family. 

While I was away H was sad. It broke my heart. All I wanted to do was hold him. Being states and miles away didn’t make that possible, but what made it easier was our iPhones FaceTime feature. I got to wake up with H in the morning and talk to him about his day. I got to have dinner with him and kiss and give hugs through the phone. It wasn’t as good as the real thing, but it helped me connect with him face-to-face and I could see by his mood that it helped him. 

I even was able to help H experience my trip. Andy said “Show us FL,” and so I turned the phone to some palm trees and let him see what they looked like. He wasn’t with me, but he could got excited to see the landscape and be a part of my trip. 

Even Baby C2 joined in on the FaceTime fun. 

Isn’t technology amazing!

Peace, Love & FaceTime


Banner Image Credit – Fastimes.com 


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