I NEED an Easy Button

easy button

Staples was on to something when they created the EASY button. It’s my week to get the boys ready for school and take them to school.  Every morning is the same…we are rushing to get through our routine so we can get out of the door on time.  Our rushing is often accompanied by:

● arguing – me with them and them with each other

● fussing – me at them

● giggles – them with each other

● name calling – them with each other

● yelling – me at them and them at each other

● fussing – did I already say that?

Then, we finally make it out the door.

I need an EASY button!

After I returned home this particular morning, my Corporate, Lean, Six Sigma husband asks me about my “process”.  Oh, I’m sorry.  I thought we were at home, not the office.  So, I allow him to offer his feedback on “my” process.  His suggestion is to basically do it like he does it when it’s his week because, of course,  things run so much more smoothly.  Here’s his idea to make things “easy”: Stations.

#1. Bedroom station – where I watch the boys get ready, such that they stay on task. When we all leave the bedroom they are completely ready with shoes on.

#2. Bathroom station – where I watch the boys floss and brush their teeth (and most likely offer some assistance to make sure it’s done correctly) and wash their faces.  Finally,  I brush their hair.  [Who brushes their teeth before they eat?  I tell him I don’t like this part.]

#3. Kitchen station – where I prepare breakfast, then prepare lunch while they are eating breakfast. [I’m thinking I’ll switch #2 and #3.]

Oila!  The boys are ready and we are off to school with no arguing, fussing, giggles, name calling, yelling or fussing (did I say that already?).  I snapped,  “Fine, I’ll try your way!” and walked off.

Personally, between you and me…I’d prefer the EASY button.

Until next time-

“Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.” (Proverbs 19:20 NIV)

God’s best-


Image credit – staples.com


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