Big Rock

H recently started a new activity. He collects rocks. More importantly, BIG ROCKS which he often hurls into lakes, rivers or streams just to see them splash.

Every day he ask if he can go to the park to find big rocks. Usually the answer is no. It makes me feel horrible. I pick him up around 5:00 PM during the week and we get home around 6:00 PM. This leaves very little daylight time. We have dinner almost as soon as we get home and the boys start bath and bed no later than 7:00 PM. Unfortunately, this does not leave time for the park. 

As we head home from school I feel the bricks of mommy guilt piling on my shoulders. The “if I didn’t work” monologue starts to play in my head…

At dinner, H repeatedly asks Andy the same question. “Go to park Daddy?” Andy tells him it is too dark, but another day we promise. 

Later that night as we are talking we decide to do two things. First, we are going to both try to leave work early enough to take H by the park one day during the week. Second, we are going to make sure he goes to the park on the weekend even if only for a second. (It has been super cold lately)

A few days later we are able to both leave a little early and we stop by our neighborhood park. H throws rocks in the lake and even gets to stomp in puddles. It was the perfect ending to a work day.

The real fun we saved for the weekend. Andy is my partner in crime and by that I mean that we both see and try to capture little things and turn them into big moments of joy.  For this reason our life is often a series of little adventures. “Big rock,” was just waiting to become a big adventure. 

While thinking about H’s love for rocks, Andy remembered a place he use to go as a child that had huge rocks. He looked it up and we decided we had to go. After naps on Saturday we loaded up the car and headed to a place called Big Rock Nature Preserve. The rocks there are huge! H was in heaven chanting “big rock” all the way around the trails. He also would touch the rocks and say, “Too heavy,” because he realized he couldn’t pick them up.

What an adventure! Baby C2 even joined in bumping along in the all terrain stroller. While we walked Andy explained to both boys how this place was over 7000 years old and how it use to be sacred to Native Americans. 

Despite working outside the home, we are still able to create spaces for fun, lasting, educational memories with our children. I’d say that is pretty big!

What are your favorite family adventures? 

Peace, Love and Big Rocks,



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