I Slept Through…

I slept through the first episode of House of Cards. Andy and I had been waiting for it to come back. The release of Netflix’s hit series was highly anticipated and highly discussed. Where will the season take TV’s most powerful couple? 


I really don’t have an excuse. Except to say that our nights lately have been running late. H wants me to rock him to sleep again. Something he hasn’t needed since he was a year old. I think it is jealousy toward Baby C2, but regardless he needs to be rocked by me, right now and I can’t be a strict about it. So I rock him. Oh, his birthday is also next week and so is his big party with his school friends. I have shared with you how I am about the boys’ parties. Baby C2 got tubes and he is not back to his normal sleep schedule yet. He was sleeping through the night until the ear infections hit. These are just some of the reasons we didn’t start the episode until 9:30. I should have known that spelled trouble. At the end of a work week I am tired. 

Andy and I both work full time and there are always challenges and problems to solve at work. Plus, I have a last minute business trip that I now need to prepare everyone for. 

Let’s not mention the day to day tasks of grocery shopping, preparing our taxes, etc… I kept forgetting the whole taxes thing. Please tell me I am not the only one.

Therefore, our much anticipated date night of watching the opening episode of House of Cards did not go exactly as planned. Honestly, I am exhausted and I desperately need sleep. So as the episode started the fire warmed up the room, the blanket and my eyes got droopy. Having Andy, the heater, beside me to lean on didn’t help either. I should have known I was a goner. Zzzzzz

What have you slept through? Do you sometimes dream of sleep like I do? We would love to hear your stories in the comments. 

Peace, Love and Zzzzzzzs, 



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