Mommy Brain

I don’t know what happens to you after you have kids, but my brain feels like scrambled eggs. This is your brain. This is kids. This is your brain after kids.


Before kids I use to think I was busy. I worked full time, was in graduate school, had a husband and three dogs. *Insert maniacal laughter* Before kids I knew nothing about being busy. I don’t know that it is as much about the kids as it is all of the things you have to do for yourself and the kids. It is honestly more about the stuff you must do in order to live in this world. This is the point where I usually wg019_island_life_1insert my fantasy about living with my family on an island in a little hut far from the modern world.

This week has been extra insane. I am going out of town for work. The baby got tubes. H’s birthday and party are 1 week away. The list goes on and on. The first really annoying thing I did was misplace my debit card. Watch my shoulders deflate. Cue internal monologue. “Kristen, really? Is it that hard to just consistently put it back in your wallet?” Then a few days later I misplaced my wallet. Awesome. I really hope I haven’t lost it. It isn’t a great idea to lose your license days before you need to get on a plane. Please keep your fingers crossed I find it at home tonight. Please…

This isn’t to say that I didn’t lose things before kids, because I did. It is just soooo  much worse after kids. Part of it is you don’t have time to find things. I still don’t know where my debit card is…. I guess I should call the bank and order a new one…. Insert deflated shoulders again. It isn’t that I don’t need to or want to accomplish everything it is just that I keep meaning to do x, y or z, but somehow x, y and z just stay on my long list of to dos.  I was much more on top of it prior to two bundles of joy entering my world.

There are things I find that help me stay a little more on task and help me not run around like a crazy woman. Admittedly, I do run around like a crazy woman some days, but here are my top three sanity savers.

  1. Slow Down – Usually I am racing in 100 million directions multitasking as I go. However, this pace is rarely effective and can ultimately be detrimental. See paragraph about lost debit card and wallet. When I do slow down. Life is better. The basics happen which prevent me from having to redo or spend extra time looking for lost items.
  2. Use An Organizer – It doesn’t matter what kind of organizer. It can be an electronic PDA or an app on your phone. Heck, it can be paper. The point is to compile all of the items you need to accomplish in one place that you can check frequently. I use an app called Things. It allows me to document tasks and projects while simultaneously keeping them all organized. I also get to check them off. Which I love!
  3. Schedule Fun and Relaxation – If I schedule time that I know I can chill with a glass of wine, watch my favorite TV show or even just hang out time at the house I know I can count on some me time or family time. If I pack the schedule so full that there isn’t this relaxation time everyone, including the kids, feels it.

What are ways that you try to minimize your mommy brain?

Peace, Love and a Slower Pace


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