Smartphone Sabbatical

Okay, so I told a little fib when I said I only have 1 college-aged son and 2 school-aged sons.  I also have a “baby” named “Sam” (short for Samsung Galaxy S4).  

I can’t tell you how many times my husband has accused me of loving “Sam” more than him or spending more time with “Sam” than with him or enjoying my time with “Sam” more than my time with him.  Of course, I don’t love “Sam” more or enjoy spending time with “Sam” more than him, although “Sam” can be quite entertaining.  “Sam” appreciates me and relies on me heavily.  Without me, “Sam” can’t do anything.  

Even my baby boy, Kid Flash, accuses me of holding “Sam” too much and playing with “Sam” too much.  I think the older boys also get jealous of the time Mommy spends with “Sam”.  Now even Kid Flash seems to always want a phone in his hands.  I may have created a monster.

As an employed mom my Smartphone serves many purposes.  I conduct business via my phone either by way of phone calls or emails.  I do research via my phone for business and personal use.  I use the GPS for business travel.  I read business articles to keep up with the latest and greatest in my profession. I NEED my smartphone…don’t I?  I am that mom who checks her smartphone at stoplights, sends emails at soccer practice and texts during PTO meetings.  Too much? 

When my husband comes home from work he immediately puts his phone up, usually never to look at it again until bedtime.  I have committed to (trying) do this, also.  I realize my family deserves the best me, a present me, and an undistracted me.  There is an appropriate time to engage with my smartphone and during family time is not it! 

Here are some tips to make the most of your Smartphone Sabbatical:

1.  Leave your phone at the back/front door when you come in from work.

2. Put your phone on SILENT once you get home.

3.  Turn off all email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, text and Twitter notifications.

4. Decide on designated times to check your phone after work.

5.  Wait until the kids go to bed to get back on your phone.

Here’s to my Smartphone Sabbatical.  Cheers!

Until next time-

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV)

God’s best-


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