Go Potty

“Go Potty.” These dreaded words give me anxiety. We are not even potty training yet and H has started saying it ALL the time. At home while we are eating dinner. At the store. While I am carting around both H and Baby C2 by myself or worst of all when we are driving in rush hour traffic.

The most frustrating part for me with the whole potty training scenario is that he doesn’t actually need to go. Usually he has already gone or decides it would just be fun to flush the toilet. Sometimes I think he just looks around a new place and wonders, “Do these potties look the same as all the other potties. I must find out….”  “Mommy, Go Potty!”

Obviously, we are going to have to start the whole potty training thing soon. I am dreading it though. I honestly don’t mind changing diapers. It is so much easier to not have to stop everything you are doing to find a toilet every time they have a small urge, need to pass gas or are just curious about what kind of neat potty might be in this store.

elmo pottyWe bought a small potty that we call “H’s potty.” It is cute and has Elmo on it. The thing I thought he would like the most is that it looks kind of like a real potty and it flushes and makes fun noises. Boy was I right! He flushes that thing every time he walks by the bathroom.

As for the real potty training… I am working on planning a weekend where we try it out. I am not certain I have the patience for it, but he can’t grow up in diapers…can he?

What are your tips for potty training? I know we have some pros reading.

Peace, Love and using the potty,



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