A Date With Mommy

Having an infant and a toddler is not easy. The toddler still needs mommy quite a bit and this makes nursing and caring for a infant difficult. It is a balancing act on the best day and I don’t know that I always balance it well.

I have been noticing some extra jealousy coming from H lately and I guessed that he was craving more one-on-one attention. Andy took him to the park in our neighborhood on Saturday and they played and threw rocks into the lake. You know, fun boy stuff, but it didn’t seem to quite do the trick. That is when it hit me. Perhaps H wanted one-on-one mommy time. So Sunday in between feedings, I hit the streets with my little daredevil, his helmet and his super cool ninja turtle bike. “Lets Go!” H exclaimed.

I pushed him up hills and he flew down hills lifting both feet up so he could see how fast he 51ZkCQgOAiLcould fly. We stopped along our ride and checked out rocks. Some rocks were big and stuck in the ground. Those rocks we were for sitting H explained as he said “Rock sit, Mommy.” Other rocks we could pick up, look at and even toss into random bushes.

The highlight of our date was stomping in puddles. It had rained the night before and the curb was filled with water that was slowly draining into the storm drains. We stomped up and down the water lined curb singing “stomping in puddles, stomping in puddles.” H caught on quickly and enthusiastically splashed and stomped. He ended up soaked and covered in mud, but it was well worth the fun.

A little over an hour later we went in for lunch. He seemed a little calmer and even asked “Mommy, where baby?” “Baby C2 is napping H,” I said.

I had so much fun enjoying H’s world perspective that it reminded me that I need to create time for just the two of us a little more often.

Do you do dates with your children? What are other ways you spend one-one-one time with your kids? Can’t wait to learn from you all.

Peace, Love and Stomping In Puddles



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