Johnny Appleseed Is Always Welcome At Our Table

Being a working mom means meal times are extremely important. It is the time of the day that we can sit down, be a family and enjoy our children.

About a year ago we started a tradition during meal times. We borrowed this tradition from H & Baby C2’s Godparents. It is our favorite way to say the blessing. Right before a meal we bang on the table and sing a rousing rendition of Johnny Appleseed. It captures the kids attention and makes meal times and the blessing a fun thing for us to look forward to doing together. H enjoys it so much that he’ll start the song on his own.

We found this fun way to bless our food on a trip to visit our friends in the mountains of NC. Before dinner, we were surprised as the started their blessing and I was excited to see how it lit up H’s eyes. We have been doing it ever since and it has injected both joy and God into our meal times. Sometimes we even change up the words and thank God for things other than appleseed.

As the kids get older I would like our blessing repertoire to be larger. So, I thought I’d ask the parents reading our blog. What traditions do you have for dinner time blessings? Can’t wait to try your suggestions!

Peace, Love and Appleseed,



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