Fleeting Moments & Poo

The sun is just starting to rise. I can see it peaking through the trees. Everything is quiet and still. I smell the sweet smell of baby powder on your hair as you snuggle in to nurse. I am tired, but I know these moments are fleeting, so I try to soak it all in. I try to take a mental picture of how your infant face looks in the shadows of the morning light. I try to carve into my memory the way it feels to hold you close. When you finish eating I lift you to snuggle and burp. I put you in my favorite spot right in the center of my chest and I hold your little bottom and pat your back. You feel so warm and sweet. I put my cheek to your head and almost doze off when I feel a small rumble. I start to tease you for tooting in Mommy’s hand when a fountain of poo begins to erupt from your diaper. I had taken your PJs off because you had spit up and so there is nothing to stop the poo from spewing out the top of your diaper onto my legs and the seat of your rocker. Once again I curse myself for buying a light colored rocker and try to determine where I can buy upholstery cleaner. Baby C2 you have catapulted us into our day with poo. Thank you sweetie.

Peace, Love and fleeting moments without poo,




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