There is No Second In My Heart

When I was pregnant with Baby C2 I worried about how I would love another child as much as I love H. I knew I would love him, but I worried somehow it would be less. It seems silly now, but I also worried that Baby C2 would take away from H and that neither of them would get what they needed.

Although there are times one must sacrifice a little for the others, Watching their bond is magical. And the funny thing about love is that it grows and stretches offering more than enough for both of my children.

So today’s post is a love note to my precious four month old who is the perfect present. You see H we wished and prayed for, and Baby C2 was God’s perfect gift.

“I know you don’t think I notice. I see you patiently waiting while your toddler brother steals the show. I hear your sweet babbles and your funny giggles. Nothing is more beautiful than your all over, whole face smile. My precious little one, you might be the second child, but there is no second in my heart. I love you and my favorite times with you are early morning or late at night when I can focus just on you. I can look into those stunning blue eyes and get lost. I see you sweet baby boy. I hear you and I want you to know I always will. Love, Mommy”

Peace, Love and the ability for it to grow,




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