Life Isn’t Fair

My mother use to sing me a song when I was growing up. It wasn’t a sweet loving lullaby. No, this song was for the many disappointments that life throws your way. Whenever I didn’t like a decision or something that had happened she belt out a song she called “Life Isn’t Fair.” Imagine in your best bravado singing voice:

Life Isn’t Fair
Isn’t Fair
Isn’t Fair
Isn’t Fair
Liffffeeee Isn’t Fair.

Oh! It used to make me soooooo mad.

I haven’t yet, but I am not sure that I am going to escape parenthood without sharing this little ditty with H. He likes his world the Burger King Way. We all have to sit in our assigned seats at dinner. I can’t rearrange furniture. We have to close all the baby gates before we leave the house. The list goes on. Honestly, it is kind of funny and cute now that he is two. However, as he grows older I am worried that this trait will be his Achilles heel. Being flexible is important both personally and professionally. H is anything but flexible. He thrives on our schedule because it fits his personality type so well. One tiny deviation and his world can come crashing around him.

I often ask myself how am I going to teach him to better deal with things that differ from his expectations. It is not easy. This is the tough parenting stuff that is not for the faint of heart. It is also the reason I deal with the freak out and don’t bend to his instructions to sit in my assigned seat at dinner. It is the reason I let him have a tantrum over wanting raisins (like he has had ever other day for a week) instead of the apple that is available. Sometimes I make it easier on him and find raisins, but sometimes I let him feel and understand that life will continue and he will be just fine if things change. If I always made it easier on him then I wouldn’t be doing my job. Watch out H, Mommy is about to “Move Your Cheese.”

Peace, Love and Flexibility,




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