Wake Up, Sleepy Head!

So, I’ve called their names several times and to no avail. Then I notice a slight movement under the covers. Junior wakes up, hops out of bed and drags himself to the restroom. Kid Flash, my youngest son on the other hand, is not feeling it. After calling his name a few more times, I get agitated and he responds with, “I don’t wanna go to school. I’m sleeeeeepy.” Here we go, another morning of coercing children to get up and get ready for school. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Here are three tips to get your kids up in the morning and out of the house on time:

1. Establish and enforce a bedtime that will allow them to get the proper amount of sleep. WebMD says school-aged children need at least 10 hours of sleep each night. My boys’ bedtime is 8pm.

2. Establish and enforce a morning routine. Children respond very well to order and schedules. When they know the expectations they usually meet them. My husband and I alternate weeks when getting our boys ready for school, but the routine is pretty much the same. Get up, use the bathroom, get dressed (they take showers at night), eat breakfast (we pack lunch while they eat), floss/brush teeth, wash face, put on coats/hats (fall/winter), kiss/hug the parent still in the bed, read scripture, pray, head out the door to school.

3. Keep track of time and keep them moving. If you have young children like mine you have to stay on them and make sure they are in a continuous state of motion. Any lag time and they will get off track. If they start talking, playing or fighting, things could go awry very quickly. Trust me, I know.

What is your morning routine?

Until next time…

“But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way.” (1 Corinthians 14:40 NIV)

God’s best-



Image Credit: colsblog.com


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