Enjoying the Mundane

My day starts and ends in what I call the mad dash. We run out the door and then skid into home plate in the evening. It isn’t much fun. I hate rushing the boys. There it is again; Mommy Guilt!

Bed time storyI enjoy the fun moments where we can be carefree and do whatever we want. My favorite times are when H and I can cuddle and read a book or when Baby C2 and I can laugh and giggle. I enjoy dinner with my whole family and playtime in the playroom where Baby C2 gets tummy time and H can play with his train or match box cars and use his whole imagination.

Sadly, during the week those precious moments are difficult to find. So I steal them by trying to read a book to H before we head to school. I get up a little early and talk to Baby C2 after he nurses and before I have to get him dressed. I try to make dinner the night before so that when we get home we have more time to play.

When we are hurried and the drudgery of daily living has to be done, I try to remember it isn’t a bad thing for the boys to participate. Heck, life isn’t always magical butterflies and getting our own way, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and that you can’t do it together. Some of the ways we try to include the boys in life’s mundane moments are:

1. Making Dinner – H and Baby C2 help us make dinner. They sit with and we sing silly songs while we have them put carrots in the grinder, help us mix up different items, spread sauces or even form meatballs or biscuits etc… Toddlers love to help and babies love to watch. It might take a little longer and not look as pretty, but they are super proud when they get to participate in grown up stuff.

2. The Mad Dash Rush Game – When we are running late and I need H to hurry I put him on my hip and we run around getting him ready and putting stuff in the car while we sing “We are late! We are late for a very important date. No time to say hello, goodbye we’re late, we’re late we’re late.”

3. DoingLaundry – If I only had the excitement for laundry that H has. He loves helping me put it in the dryer and even will put it away if I tell him what drawer to put it in. It is super cute and we get to spend some time together.

4. Cleaning Up – It is important to teach everyone that cleanup has to happen. When H spills something he helps wipe it up. If he gets the toys out, he helps put them away.

5. Taking Out the Trash – H loves to bring in the large trash bins with Andy and Baby C2 loves going along for the ride and some fresh air.

6. Feeding the Dogs – It is a big responsibility to feed animals, but it is something that we always have H help with in the evenings. He enjoys the responsibility.

7. Going to the Grocery Store – We do this as a family every weekend. Baby C2 rides in the cart and H rides in the big section or in a separate car cart and we go around the store getting groceries together.

It is hard to remember sometimes that everything doesn’t always have to be glitter, sparkles and new. Kids just want to be included. I have to remind myself of this often and the bigger reminder is that when given the opportunity to play uninhibited H goes to the store, feeds the dogs, and rides in the truck with Daddy. His imaginary play takes the same form as what I consider the mundane.

Peace, Love and Enjoying the Mundane,


Banner Image credit – healthcastle.com


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