Let’s Party Pinterest Style

Pinterest has created a monster and completely feeds my mommy guilt. You know the app that allows you to pin awesome do-it-yourself ideas to organized boards. Of course you do. See, I work in marketing soooo, putting on a super cute and perfectly crafted theme party with lots of DIY touches should be a piece of cake.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE putting together parties for my sons that are way over the top in the

Noah's Ark Rain Theme Baptism

Noah’s Ark Rain Theme Baptism

décor department. It is my special way of adding whimsy into their lives. This little addiction of mine has made me completely dependent on Pinterest and has also gotten a little out of control. When we stayed up half the night decorating for Baby C2s baptism Andy looked at me and said, “Really, Kristen.”

Yes, really and leave me alone.

I am good hosting events. It is a mix of my theatre background, spoiler alert I did professional theatre and film for 14 years of my life, and my marketing background. I know how to integrate a theme like no bodies business. Heck I integrate communication for multiple channels to generate millions of dollars in revenue every day. So why not share some of my talent with my family.

Jungle Theme Birthday

Jungle Theme Birthday

The biggest issue to creating my party masterpieces is time. These things take lots of planning and assembly time. Just a few weeks ago I was traveling across the state with a co-worker to a meeting. The whole time there and back I was making pom-poms. Hey, don’t judge. I have to find the time somewhere.

Due to the time constraints; I usually recruit family to help with my addiction. My poor mother handmade 50 felt doves recently and my husband is currently looking for the perfect boxes at U-Haul to craft a construction crane.

I am not sure if it is sad or funny, but either way it makes me happy and hopefully injects a little bit of creativity into my sons’ special days.

What are your Pinterest obsessions? How do you squeeze extra time into your busy days? Admit it; I am not the only one.

Peace, Love & Pinterest Parties,


Dove Theme Baptism

Dove Theme Baptism

A big thank you to Lora Denton Photography for photographing all of our big moments


4 thoughts on “Let’s Party Pinterest Style

  1. Ashley Smith says:

    You are preaching to the choir! Pinterest has taken over my life. This post spoke to my heart, or maybe creative side that just wants me to quit my job one day and do Pinterest projects all day long!I love to decorate for the holidays and plan themed birthday parties. Since these can always be costly, I count on Pinterest to help reduce the cost or else my husband will complain. I do better when I multi-task so if I’m on a call for work I will make some decorations. I also do things while I watch tv with my husband because let’s face it, there is no time for Mommy’s to sit still! I just wished I had more time to enjoy it since I actually do like DIY projects. Right now though it just seems like another chore or a way to talk my husban into it being okay since it’s cheaper to DIY than buy it.
    Loving the blog ladies! #MCAngel05


    • kbconway says:

      Thanks Ashley! I knew I wasn’t the only one. You are right, as a mommy you never sit still. Glad to hear you like the blog as well. Hope you keep reading & would love to see some of your DIY picks. Just post them in the comments or email them to us at mommy@mommywurk.com.


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