Go Ahead & Judge

Dear Parents Who Sat Beside Us At Mellow Mushroom:

I saw your stares. I saw your eye rolls and judgement as we happily presented our little boy with a dessert for Valentine’s Day before his meal. I watched how you seemed to not see the broccoli and apples he was given once our family dessert was done or the fact that he was drinking water.

What you don’t know is that my son is seriously allergic to nuts. He has a reaction from simply touching them and we have to carry an EPI pen wherever we go.

That means I had to throw away all of the Valentine’s candy he was given at school by his classmates. Almost all forms of chocolate are processed in a facility with nuts. In fact most things are processed in a facility with nuts. He was able to keep 3 items: 2 lollipops and some pretzels that specifically stated processed in a nut free facility. (His teacher bought those. Isn’t she awesome!)

Homemade, whole wheat, nut free cookies for Valentine's Day.

Homemade, whole wheat, nut free cookies for Valentine’s Day.

He couldn’t enjoy the treats at his school V-Day party either because they were also made in a facility with nuts. Instead I stayed up the night before making whole grain, nut free, heart shaped cookies so that he wouldn’t feel left out. He was able to eat my cookies, oh yeah and fruit.

You also don’t know that I make most of our meals from scratch because finding nut free options is difficult. I am not worried about my son’s nutrition. He probably eats better than you and I both.

So last night at dinner, I had researched this desert you judged us for eating. I also double checked to make sure my facts were accurate with the waiter as I ordered it. When they brought it out we made a big deal about it because he hadn’t been able to indulge like his friends and little boys deserve to have whip cream and cherries all over their faces on Valentine’s Day.

So next time instead of rolling your eyes, just watch a little boy’s face light up. Remember that you don’t know someone’s story. I promise I won’t judge you for giving your children high fructose corn syrup with a splash of milk (aka: chocolate milk).

Peace, Love & Desert First,


Image credit: Thoughtyoumayask.com


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