Labor of Love

After many years of trying to have children with little or no success I got pregnant spontaneously. It is an understatement to say we were thrilled. When we lost the pregnancy it was beyond devastating. I was shocked more than anything. I hadn’t anticipated anything going wrong because after waiting so long the baby seemed like a gift from God. To make sure the scan was accurate I carried the dead fetus a few more days as a labor of love. I was in shock. My body would not miscarriage naturally despite the fetus being 11 weeks and having no heartbeat. I ended up having to have not one, but 2 DNCs after the first procedure left retained tissue. The pain and sickness was difficult, but not as difficult as the loss.

After all of the hardship you would think we would have thrown in the towel, but we wanted a family and we realized that many people had been through much worse. So we went to a fertility specialist and almost exactly a year later we were pregnant again. It was a terrified kind of pregnant. At every turn I was afraid something would go wrong. Despite being born premature and spending his first day in the NICU, H was perfect and we were over the moon! It was a beautiful kind of exhaustion. Caring for a “premie” was not easy, but we were so ecstatic to be parents we didn’t mind the extra labor of sleepless nights and weekly, sometimes daily doctor visits.

Ten months later we received a big surprise. I was pregnant again. At first they thought it was not a viable pregnancy. My hormone levels did not correspond to the development of the embryo. This time I was prepared. If we lost the baby I would be sad, but I knew I could cope. Instead, the baby blossomed and grew. He tried everything to come early. Starting at 28 weeks I was in and out of labor and delivery. The whole 3rd trimester I was in some form of early labor. I was literally in a labor of love. We were able to hold Baby C2 off until 37 weeks and he came bouncing into our lives with three magical pushes.

I am so thankful for all the loving labor that brought me these beautiful boys. And the labor continues as we nurture them and work outside the home to provide for our families.

What are your labor of love stories? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day Moms!




8 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. digidadnc says:

    Beautiful post! So happy for you and thank you for sharing your journey. May your parenting journey be continually filled with new senses of “joy” that continually make you redefine the word.


  2. Alicia says:

    My labor of love is ongoing with my 5 week old sweet girl in a hospital 2.5 hours away and splitting time with her and back with my husband and 6 year old! Love my family so much though!


  3. lovinglikenew says:

    Thanks for the personal story of your labor of love! Your boys are lucky to have you as their mommy. I, too, lost my first pregnancy and after sharing with friends, I realized many of them had too. They were all just too ashamed to share in the moment. I totally get it, but I hope that our sharing will help any new moms-to-be going through a loss feel more ‘normal’ and know it’s ok to talk about it. Thanks again!!


    • kbconway says:

      Lovinglikenew, thank you. I am sorry you went through something similar. The more people I tell the more I realize it is not uncommon. Women just don’t normally discuss it and maybe we should….


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