The Schedule

mom-247You know exactly what I am talking about. For working moms “The Schedule” is critical to managing everything successfully and to ensure your child’s happiness and wellbeing. Every time we push them to eat later, stay up to see family or just want to enjoy them ourselves it back fires. Cue melt down in 3…2…1

We get a lot of flak for “The Schedule.” It isn’t convenient for family functions or to do things with friends, but it is perfect for my children. It gives them stability and consistency which in turn makes them feel safe and loved. We don’t always stick to it, but when we do it makes life soooo much easier.

So while they are little we are going to forgo convenient in favor of calm and use a schedule that helps keep us all sane.

Below is our sample schedule.

Do you have schedule tips? What types of scheduling tricks do you use to get it all done? Looking forward to reading your comments!

Peace & Love,


Work Week Mornings:
6:30: Kristen and Andy get up and get ready. Andy is responsible for getting all the bags, bottles, snacks and stuff in the car
7:00: Wake, feed baby and get him ready
7:40: Wake toddler and get him ready for the day
7:45: Andy leaves for work
8:05: Boys put in car seats. 1 load of laundry in the washer ready to go for that night
8:20: On the road
8:35: Drop off both boys at school
9:00: Work

Work Week Evenings:
5:00: Pick up boys
5:45: Home, start washing machine
6:00: Dinner & Blessing – We try to do this as a family even if H starts eating before we do.
6:30 Bathe boys and get ready for bed
6:45: Feed baby and play
7:30: Story time
7:45:  Boys in bed
8:00: Put wash in dryer, pack bags for the next day, Kristen or Andy exercise, straighten up & do dishes
10:00: Feed baby last feeding of the night
11:00: Crash into bed

Image credit: Mommy Bloggers of the Philippines
Image credit: Lipstick and Politics


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