Mommy Work. Daddy Work.

Mommy work. Daddy work. In his sweet toddler voice every morning my son H says these words as if they were an announcement over the school intercom. Sometimes it sounds a little more like wurk instead of work, but I guess in today’s world I should be glad we aren’t talking about twerk. Either way he always says it as we are getting ready to head out the door and it sends pangs through my chest. I usually answer him by saying, “Mommy goes to work, Daddy goes to work, & you go to school.” However, I am waiting with baited breath for the day he states outright that he doesn’t want me to go to work. He wants me to stay at home and play with him. Don’t ask me what I’ll do.Toddler Boy

There are over 85 million mothers in the US, 55% who work outside of the home. So this scene probably plays out in similar ways for a lot of mommies. However, in my head the day he asks me not to go work will be very dramatic. The reality is he loves school and I adore working in the marketing field, but I have what a lot of working moms have – mommy guilt and the desire for more time with my little ones.

So as I sit here nursing my half sleeping infant, or as I affectionately call him Baby C2, I am writing this blog post.

I have found that working moms are so involved in work and their families that it is hard for them to connect regularly with other working moms. Enter the idea for Together, Alexis and I hope we can create a space online for working moms to share their stories, frustrations and laughs; because there are a lot of laughs.

Join our conversation! What do you find most challenging about being a working mom?


United States Census Bureau


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