Be Present

Dad feeding new babyAm I the only working mom who thinks about my kids while I’m at work and work when I am with my kids?

Tonight, as we were driving home from soccer practice I ran off the road ever so slightly.  I screamed and my youngest son said, “What happened, Mommy?”  I replied that I had run off the road because I was thinking of something else.  Then it hit me: Be Present!

Here are some ways to Be Present wherever you are, whatever you are doing, whoever you are with:

1. PRIORITIZE.  Set aside time each day for each of your responsibilities.  Schedule time in your calendar with reminders, if necessary.  And stick to your schedule, as best you can.

2.  FOCUS.  Give it, him or her your undivided attention.  Purpose to complete what you have started before moving on to the next event, person or task.

3.  ENGAGE.  Give that person, task or event your best.  Leftovers are only appropriate for dinner, not when engaging with important people in your life.  Put all of your energy into that engagement.

4.  LISTEN.  When your child says, “Mommy, get off the phone!   It’s family time.”, PAY ATTENTION.  Work will be there in the morning.   Trust me, I know.

5. PRAY.  Simply ask God to help you be present in every moment.  To enjoy each moment for what it is.  Be thankful for each moment shared with loved ones and each moment where you are allowed to use your gifts and talents to bring in income for your family.

Until next time…

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34 NIV)

God’s best-



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